The Lighthouse at Cape Shabla and Karia village

The Lighthouse at Cape Shabla is the oldest and the highest in the country – all 32 meters. Several years ago, the unique facility reached 150 years. Painted in white and red, for more than a century and a half it shows the way to navigators in the Black Sea. The Lighthouse protects the ships from colliding with a reef, which stretches nearly one sea mile, as well as preventing them from getting stuck in the shallows between Cape Shabla and the village of Tyulenovo. Its white light flashes three times every 25 seconds, and when there is good visibility it can be seen from a distance of 17 sea miles.

The people from Shabla proudly say that they have a small version of one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World – the Alexandria Lighthouse. 132 are the steps that lead to the halogen projector that stands on a constant watch and lights the way to the ships. The lightning rod of the lighthouse has a plated top. The lighthouse walls are 1.20 meters thick and cold does not penetrate into the room even during the winter.

There are four lighthouse keepers who work around the clock to monitor it. The duties are changed every 8 hours. It is interesting to know that this is the place where the only woman keeper of such a facility has ever worked – Todorka Hadjiivanova. The lady and her husband Ivan operated the lighthouse for many years. Today their son Atanas Atanasov is the successor of their profession, and the chief of the maritime navigation facility. The turning on and off of the light depends on the sunrise and sunset.

More than 10 years ago in the walls of the tower a message for future generations has been walled in. The message of the keepers is to be opened in 2056. It contains data on the distance between the shore and the lighthouse. The men measured that the distance is 13 meters, but according to statistics in 1948 it was 29 meters. The guards want this distance to be measured and compared in the years to come.

fara_shabla_otgoreIn Shabla is the only officially registered by decree fishing village Karia. Its construction started in 1998 and the design was for single-storey and two-storey villas, perched on the beach. The treatment plant was built in 2007, but it was not connected to a sewer to the individual households. The village has streets, though still nameless, with tiny yards and fences. There are no gardens because the men joke that they are fishermen, not gardeners.

The most attractive restaurant “At Uncle Pesho” became famous for the nice fish soup advertised by cook No. 1 in Bulgaria, Utti Bachvarov. The owner Peter Nenchev is a former fisherman. The officially registered boats in Shabla, Tyulenovo and Krapets amount to 180.

If you fancy this wild place with its own charm and you want to relax for a while from the city noise and stress we recommend you to stay in FISHING HUT BORISOV, located only 20 meters from Shabla Lighthouse and the sea coast. The house is new and offers 4 double rooms and 1 studio, all with balconies overlooking the sea near Cape Shabla.

Another place where you can stay is “Royale” Rooms, which are also at a few hundred meters from the sea and near the hot healing mineral water springs in the fishing village. The house offers accommodation in two bedrooms, and there is a lounge with a Bulsatcom TV and fully equipped kitchen at your disposal. Outside you will find a table for dinner in the open, a small garden and two parking spaces.

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