Cape Kaliakra – history, photos and a video

Cape Kaliakra is a beautiful piece of native land, 12 km east of the town of Kavarna, 30 km south of Shabla and 60 km northeast of Varna. This 2 km long peninsula that we can see from quite a distance in clear weather, was and still is a good landmark for the coastal navigation.

With its seventy meter high banks like a huge breakwater Cape Kaliakra blocks the way of hurtling furiously waves born from the north wind. It calms them down and turns the wide bay of Kavarna into a quiet haven. Located in a seismic zone the peninsula is subjected to constant washing and breaking by the waves. Kaliakra slowly changes. But despite these changes the cape used to and still radiates raw beauty!

Translated from Greek “Kaliakra” means “The beautiful nose”. Before the Greeks this beauty was magnificently appreciated by the Tirizi – a Thracian tribe. These ancient inhabitants of our land were able to protect a large area with only one vertical wall. Since all banks are steep. Majestically elevated at 70 meters above the sea.

In 1444 in the march against the Ottoman Empire the knight troops of Vladislav of Varna stopped at Cape Kaliakra. On 31 July 1791 the greatest battle in the Black Sea raged here. Along the west coast, the Russian squadron, led by Admiral Ushakov, defeated the Turkish navy. The victory ended the Russo-Turkish War during the period 1787-1791.

Video walk – Bolata Cove and Cape Kaliakra, from the Patevoditel BG broadcasting on 23.11.2008 (7.18 min)

Video travelogue about Archaeological and Natural Reserve Kaliakra and Yailata