The Rusalka resort and the Taukliman bay

rusalkaThe sheltered seaside resort of Rusalka (Mermaid) at the north Black Sea coast is situated in the unique natural reserve “Taukliman”. It is located 18 km from Kavarna, from where you head towards Cape Kaliakra, and when you reach the village of Bulgarevo you head north to the village of St. Nicholas, and from there you go east for about two kilometers until you reach Rusalka. The resort attracts tourists with its crystal clear sea water, fresh air, small secluded beaches, beautiful cliffs and cozy cottages and small hotels.

In Rusalka everyone will find their own entertainment – the resort has bike lanes, tennis courts, gyms, mini golf and volleyball playgrounds, yacht club with sailing yachts and kayaks for rent, diving center, water slides. Here you can indulge in various sports activities such as: water skiing, surfing, scooters, jet skis, fishing, boating or yachting, archery, horseback riding, scuba diving to shipwrecks and underwater caves, and many others

Rusalka is an excellent place for family and individual vacations, combining the tranquility of nature with lots of fun.


During the seasonal migrations the lake in Taukliman is filled with migratory birds that stop here to rest and feed on the Via Pontica. During this period hundreds of birds such as gulls, geese, sandpiper, plover, etc., can be seen. Besides these species, some protected birds find permanent refuge in the muddy lake and the covered with dense vegetation slopes – owl, long-legged buzzard, olive-tree warbler, as well as reptiles – Balkan grass snake, wall lizard, Spur-thigh tortoise. The lake in Taukliman is called Nanevska Tuzla because its bottom is covered with healing hydrogen sulfide.

Besides nature Taukliman is known for its archaeological finds. According to researches, the rock caves were used for living, and probably as sanctuaries by the Thracians, Greeks, Romans and Slavs. In the area, the remains of ancient medieval villages, parts of a late ancient fort, a Byzantine fortress of the V century and interesting circular stone structures used in the preparation of wine, are found. Between the rock terraces are scattered caves with different depths and in different forms, the most beautiful of them are located in the upper part of Taukliman and have artistic names like Golyamata Maara (The Big Maara), Temnata Dupka (The Dark Hole), Aragonitovata Peshtera (The Aragonitova Cave), Iglenoto Uho (The Needle Ear).