Hotel Rooms in “Wild Duck” – Ezerets Village

ezerets_plaj“Wild Duck” Complex in the village Ezerets is situated 5km of the town of Shabla and only 2km. of the pristine sandy beach between the village and camping Shabla. Ezerets is one of the few places near the sea, which preserved its unique atmosphere, comfort, peace and tranquility, something we lack more and more in the big city.

The complex offers also opportunities for a more active vacation – next to it is “Ezerets Lake” – a natural freshwater lake, where fishing enthusiasts will not be bored at all. For hunters, the season for quails and pheasants starts in September, while in winter they are allowed to hunt wild ducks.

divata-patica-hotel-thThe hotel part of the complex has individual rooms and offers peace and tranquility in five houses separated as a hotel type. Every house in the “Wild Duck” offers four rooms with double and single bed, 1 room with two single beds and a suite with double bed and sofa. Each room has a luxurious bathroom and a spacious terrace.

The rooms are equipped with satellite TV, air conditioning and there is also the opportunity to use laundry and other services. There are also parking spots for guests’ cars. Rooms in the hotel part of the “Wild Duck” can be rented all around the year and at winter are irradiated by a local steam system.

wild-duck-complex-thThe complex is ideal for weddings, christenings and other family and business gatherings. Next door to the complex at your disposal is a brand new large pool, and the unique for the area restaurant “Wild Duck”.

There is enough place for children to play in the huge courtyard of the complex, the most interesting of them being of course special well equipped playground and children’s games in the shallow part of the pool. Not less interesting for them and also for adults are observations of exotic birds in the unique zoo.

For more information and reservations, please call +359 896 788537

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