Shabla is situated about 25 km from the Romanian border (3h drive from Bucharest) and 80 km from Varna. The town itself /which became a town in 1969/ is not located by the sea coast, but this does not prevent us from relating it to the oldest operating lighthouse on the Balkan Peninsula.

Фара на Шабла In the past the town of Shabla was a territory, on which an ancient Thracian settlement and later a Roman town called Karia existed. The territory of Shabla includes the oldest lighthouse on the Balkan Peninsula, and according to some records in Europe. Around the Shabla lighthouse there are many oil drillings from which hot mineral water with high sulphur content runs.

In the sea around Shabla there are many sunken vessels and submarines from the Second World War. This makes Shabla a preferred destination for underwater tourism. The area is a favorite spot for ornithologists. Near Shabla there is a marina, from where the annual Black Sea yachting regatta starts.

Залез с въдици над Шабленско езеро At some 3 km from Shabla there is also the Shabla Lake, declared a protected area in 1979. Under this name are two natural coastal lakes in Shabla and Ezerets connected by an artificial canal. They are both separated from the sea by a strip of sand, 30-50 m wide. Together with Durankulak Lake the area is among the most significant wetlands in Bulgaria. In this location there are plants that are rarely seen elsewhere. They are particularly important for the avifauna. In the autumn and winter globally threatened species can be observed. Over 70 species are listed in the Red Book of Bulgaria. The protected area is of great importance for the conservation of the otter. At about 2 km southeast of it is the Shabla Tuzla – a brackish coastal lake separated from the sea by high dunes, which is a zone for treatment with mud.

Shabla is probably the only untouched by the construction boom area along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The beach here is one of a kind – there are no hotels and countless restaurants, the sea is clean and enjoyable, the bottom is soft and sandy. Despite the lack of large luxury hotels, still accommodation is available. In the region you can find several small hotels, bungalows, villas and guest houses. Prices are more modest than the prices at hotels in our big resorts – between BGN 10.00 and BGN 30.00 per bed during the season.